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Our Ethics

OL & Edward is a family run business. Our communication and conduct with clients and other parties follows seven ethics.

Honesty: we operate under complete transparency with our clients. We also encourage honesty behaviour in the workplace as we believe honesty is the best policy.

Fairness: We always evaluate situations and act fairly and rational. We also promote relationships built on openness.

Fair reward: We also do not deprive another party of a fair reward for work, making sure that where rewards are in place they are noticed.

Reliability: We only provide services and skills within areas of competence. We specialise in interior design and construction, we would not agree to operate on projects we lack knowledge, experience, professional adequacy and abilities.

Integrity: Public interest is strongly considered. We value what everyone has to say. It is our duty to listen and act in everyone’s best interests.

Objectivity: We also are not afraid to identify potential conflicts of interest and disclose this to the party who would be greatly affected by it.

Accountability: we stand by what we say and do.