Case study: property to urgently sell, partial renovation

Location: Waterloo, London

Client: private residential client 

Date finished: 2021 September


The breakdown 

The flat is in a gated cluster of buildings that has a great selling point of being a well secured property whilst being 5 minutes away from Waterloo station, a heart to any point of London. 

The flat was left unattended by landlord during COVID so kitchen and bathrooms needed a deep clean and renovation. new flooring has to be installed. Walls had a coat of paint as the property was up for an urgent sale. The goal was not to spend time perfecting it but to clean up, fix existing kitchen units, replace electrical appliances and give everything a working and living condition. 

Here are the before:


Electrical certificate was issued, a meter had to be changed. Shower head had to be replaced. Handles on doors cleaned/renovated. Balcony cleaned up.

Note to clients: When renovating a property to sell quickly don't worry about difficult structural decisions that change the flat. Don't overthink your plan of action - you are selling and majority of the time buyers will do their own renovation to suit their vision. That is why tiling has been left as is, choice of laminate was standard crowd pleaser choice and kitchen was simply cleaned up. 


The property was successfully sold shortly after.