Case study: a full renovation of 2 bedroom flat 

Location: Waterloo, London

Client: private residential client 

Date finished: 2022 February


The breakdown 

The flat is an ex-council property which has been rented for twenty years prior to this ground breaking renovation. 

To start the works, demolition involved removal of items and breaking down of a partition wall that separated kitchen from living room. The spec was to have an open plan kitchen. 

Full rewire was needed, new heating unit and plumbing. Majority of pipes have been replaced with new. Old stopcock in the flat was damaged and needed a chnage. Building control had to be notified where water control team switched off water supply for the whole building whilst stopcock was changed. 

Note for clients: when buying an old property to refurb keep in mind that the majority costs will come in small details that are discovered once demolition is done. 

After 1st fix we begun covering tracks, leveling walls and floors and preparing surfaces. 

All walls had to be plastered and skimmed, Some areas had to be treated for damp. Kitchen was a priority as the kitchen can be installed simultaneous to other rooms of the flat.

Note to clients: When choosing your kitchen suppliers please contact professional contractors like ourselves for an honest opinion and recommendation. An issue that affects everyone is delivery. Clients have to pay overtime when deliveries don't come complete or wrong in parts. 

Some floor is installed with the kitchen, where this way a carpenter can work on the kitchen installation and the rest of the floor is laid. This flat had very good quality vinyl in colour 'cement' for kitchen and bathrooms and the rest standard 12mm oak finish laminate. 

Kitchen and flooring are installed. Doors and architraves are installed. Last should be skirting so the woodwork is painted gloss finish white paint. Livingroom and hallway opening was 1200mm in width and needed  a bespoke door that is fire proof whilst being glass. 2nd fix of plumbing has been done as well as electrical work. That is taps, shower, dishwasher, washing machine, extractor fan, electric radiators, light switches, sockets and pendants. The entrance door is installed at this point also. 

Note to clients: Always think about small details that will sell your flat at a later stage, may it be to buyers or tenants. This flat has USB ports in each socket and WI-FI controlled radiators. Cost difference: it doesn't work out to be great at all. The flat itself is simple, white, modern - to suit all crowds. A cosy element of dimmable lights might just be someone's selling point to say yes.